Saturday, February 10, 2018

Do the judges favor Shaun White? His Olympics halfpipe competitors say so

At the point when Shaun White secured a fourth trek to the Winter Olympics in January, he did as such with an ideal keep running at the U.S. Terrific Prix in Snowmass, Colo. His 100-point complete denoted a shocking trip to Pyeongchang for the two-time gold medalist, who required 62 join after October damage and afterward put fourteenth at an Olympic qualifier in December.

Some of White's kindred snowboarders, be that as it may, weren't excessively stirred about the way "The Flying Tomato" flew into South Korea.

As Chico Harlan detailed for The Washington Post on Saturday, a few White opponents, including Scotty James, Australia's banner conveyor at the 2018 Winter Games, trust judges are intrinsically one-sided to support White, as confirm by the Team USA star's ideal score.

"I feel like there have been times I was a bit shafted," said James, per Harlan. "[In Colorado] I had question marks and had a few words with the judges. Not on account of getting second place - I am not a sore failure. I was only inquisitive with regards to the 100."

James, who disclosed to Harlan that White himself "would reveal to you that wasn't an impeccable 100," isn't the main snowboarder calling out.

In the course of recent days, British snowboarder Aimee Fuller was cited in a few British papers saying White gets focuses only to be White. "Each [other] snowboarder begins from the base and they acquire their focuses," she said. "Shaun begins at the best and they deduct his focuses, so unless he does anything especially wrong, he's remaining at the best."

White will begin his keep running at a third gold decoration on Monday, when men's meeting all requirements for halfpipe rivalry commences.

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