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Ten Years After Pau Gasol Trade to Lakers Changed NBA, Deal Makes Sense Now

Marc Gasol was shopping for food in Girona, Spain, when he got the call.

His companion and after that Grizzlies point watch Juan Carlos Navarro was at stake and disclosed to him his sibling, Pau, had been exchanged to the Lakers.

"I was energized, clearly for Pau," Gasol told B/R. "And after that [Navarro] let me know 'you know its best piece? ... You're being exchanged back to Memphis.'"

It's been 10 years since the Gasol siblings were exchanged for each other, a move that reset the course of the NBA. And keeping in mind that numerous around the group were bewildered at the obvious disparity of the arrangement at the time, the years since have indicated it was a very uncommon exchange which the two sides got what they needed. For the Lakers, it was a couple of titles and the capacity to keep Kobe Bryant in L.A. for his whole profession. For the Grizzlies, it was 10 years loaded with playoff appearances and the ascent of a profoundly enthusiastic NBA culture in the city. It just required some investment to see that.

The backstory

Pau Gasol had developed into Memphis' best player subsequent to being chosen third generally speaking in the 2001 NBA draft. The 7-footer from Spain won the 2002 Rookie of the Year grant, turned into an All-Star and helped lead the Grizzlies to their first playoff appearance in establishment history.

From 2004-06, the Grizzlies won no less than 45 recreations consistently and met all requirements for the postseason. Notwithstanding, once they arrived, they staggered, neglecting to win a solitary playoff diversion in 12 tries.

The bearing of the establishment took a dim hand over the 2006 offseason when Gasol cracked the fifth metatarsal in his left foot while playing for Spain in the FIBA World Championships. Without Pau for the initial 22 recreations that fall, the Grizzlies started the year 5-17. Gasol came back from his damage, yet Memphis would never get back on track. The group dropped from second in protective effectiveness the earlier year to dead last, per, as it completed the season a NBA-most exceedingly bad 22-60.

Things didn't enhance the accompanying season under head mentor Marc Iavaroni, and new Grizzlies general director Chris Wallace detected a need to shake things up. "We attempted to reinforce [Pau], do a few things with the program, improve it a tad for him," Wallace told B/R. "In any case, it was evident to me by the Christmas occasions of [2007] that we weren't going anyplace. I knew we wouldn't have been a playoff group that year, however then we were extremely buried in a terrible spot.

In the wake of beginning the 2007-08 season at 13-33, the Grizzlies exchanged Pau Gasol to the Lakers for a modest bunch of veterans and the draft rights to Pau's sibling Marc, who might go ahead to wind up an All-Star himself in Memphis.Sam Forencich/Getty Images

"The group wasn't performing. We were getting smashed in our neighborhood showcase by the Memphis Tigers when John Calipari was training and Derrick Rose was the star player. You would go to our recreations and there would be no one ... on a Friday night. Go to their diversions in a similar expanding on Saturday and you couldn't get someone else in there. What's more, Pau's soul had been splashed, as I would like to think, as well. He wasn't that amped up for being here."

Wallace went to then-Grizzlies proprietor Michael Heisley and proposed exchanging Gasol since he was Memphis' most alluring resource. The Grizzlies were 13-33 when they found an exchange accomplice in the Los Angeles Lakers, who had begun off solid however had as of late lost beginning focus Andrew Bynum to one side knee damage.

After a few transactions, Gasol was sent to L.A. with a future second-round pick for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie, two future first-round picks and the draft rights to Pau's sibling Marc. who was all the while playing in Spain at the time.

The exchange was met with serious feedback from nearly everybody—fans, media and, most outstandingly, mentors and administrators in the NBA. How could the Grizzlies give away an All-Star ability without receiving a surefire star consequently?

"What they did in Memphis is unbelievable," Spurs mentor Gregg Popovich said to Sports Illustrated at the time. "There ought to be an exchange board of trustees that can scratch all exchanges that have neither rhyme nor reason. I simply wish I had been on an exchange board that manages NBA exchanges. I'd get a kick out of the chance to choose myself to that advisory group. I would have voted no to the L.A. exchange."

In reality, the lift to the Lakers' fortunes annoyed many. Not as much as a year prior to, a miserable Kobe Bryant had asked for an exchange. Presently he had been skilled a close immaculate corresponding star, one whose capacity to pass, score, bounce back and piece shots fit superbly in Phil Jackson's triangle offense.

"[Pau] instantly had an immense effect in the main diversion he played in," at that point Lakers general chief Mitch Kupchak told B/R. "It was night and day with the [team's] vitality. It wasn't so much what he brought, and I think he had a defining moment factually, however it's what he did to whatever is left of the folks on the group, particularly Kobe. It was only a sentiment vitality and idealism from the very beginning."

The Lakers went 29-9 after the exchange (27-9 after Pau started playing) and went ahead to come to the NBA Finals that year, losing to the Boston Celtics in six amusements. They would recuperate, however, and win continuous titles in 2009 and 2010.

The repercussions in Memphis

At first, Brown was viewed as a key piece to the exchange for Memphis as he had a $9.1 million lapsing contract. Crittenton was on a freshman scale arrangement, and McKie was a right hand mentor for the 76ers yet was marked to an agreement worth $750,000 (by the Lakers, who clutched his top hold that season to make his agreement accessible) to influence the math to work in the exchange. "I don't know whether I'd call it a proviso, yet it was suitable in the CBA at the time," Kupchak said. "I don't think we could've done the arrangement without Aaron McKie consenting."

Marc Gasol was playing for Akasvayu Girona of the Spanish League when the arrangement was finished. He had been drafted by the Lakers 48th in general and reserved in Europe.

Marc Gasol making the most of his chance playing in Spain, yet when his group went bankrupt, he started transactions to join the Grizzlies.MIGUEL RIOPA/Getty Images

At the time, little was known about Pau's more youthful sibling. Marc had lived in Memphis for a long time while Pau was with the Grizzlies and had played for Lausanne Collegiate School amid his high school years.

Marc had played well in Spain, winning the 2008 Spanish League MVP, and felt agreeable there. "Around then, the NBA was not at the forefront of my thoughts; it was not on my radar," Marc said. "I was extremely centered around my group in Europe, and I didn't recognize what would happen, in the event that I would have been in the NBA."

His designs changed that late spring, in any case, when Akasvayu Girona went bankrupt and disbanded. Wallace sought after Gasol hard. To start with, he needed to persuade Pau and Marc's folks to believe him after he had quite recently exchanged their oldest child.

Next, Wallace needed to persuade Heisley that it was justified, despite all the trouble to pay a moment round pick a pay like that of a high lottery pick to persuade him to leave Spain.

"Pau told Mr. Heisley that 'Marc can be superior to me,'" Wallace said. "About a moment after he put the telephone down with Pau, he called me and instructed me to ensure I complete this thing. That truly put it over the best. Right up 'til today I don't know whether we would have possessed the capacity to sign Marc there in 2008 if not for that telephone call from Mr. Heisley to Pau."

The transactions were unpleasant for Wallace, who had been savagely condemned by the media, open and his companions for the exchange of Pau. It was basic to get Marc to at any rate have something of guarantee to appear for the exchange. "I've been in this class more than 30 years and been in a variety of circumstances," Wallace said. "I've never been more apprehensive about anything as I was tied in with marking him. Since on the off chance that it didn't complete, it would have been no less than three years that he would've stayed [overseas]. Also, he would've in the end came, however ... he may have been playing for another general administrator."

In July, Gasol marked a three-year, $9.7 million arrangement and immediately dug in himself in the beginning lineup with second-year point watch Mike Conley. "It was beneficial for me," Gasol said of returning to Memphis. "I went to a circumstance where it worked out and we made that bond with the city [of Memphis]."

Marc Gasol turned into a starter with the Grizzlies in his first year with the establishment and had them in the playoffs by his third season.Jim Mone/Associated Press

Gasol step by step formed into a center bit of the Grit and Grind period in Memphis and was joined by any semblance of Zach Randolph a year later and Tony Allen the following season. Randolph's landing additionally came because of the Lakers exchange as the Grizzlies influenced utilization of the long haul pay to top room they made in the arrangement. "At one time we had around nine players on the group that you could've followed that we either drafted, marked or got from the [cap] room that we had [created] to gain them," Wallace said.

In time, the arrangement has played out as significantly more even than initially thought. The more youthful Gasol has turned into a three-time All-Star, a Defensive Player of the Year and has helped lead Memphis to the postseason for seven sequential seasons.

"We would've still done the arrangement on the off chance that we realized what Marc would've ended up being on account of Pau is as yet playing at an abnormal state," Kupchak said. "Thinking back on it now, it ended up being a reasonable arrangement, which is great. As a general supervisor, you generally attempt to get the best arrangement."

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