Friday, September 14, 2018

Trump's Latest Problem With Reality - Puerto Rico Death Toll | Sheneman Cartoon

This week the president enjoyed a reprieve from encouraging the final days to praise himself for his careless treatment of the tropical storm debacle in Puerto Rico.

The president, who two years prior certainly thought Puerto Rico was a different nation and not a U.S. domain, complimented himself on the organization's reaction to the disaster.

As close as should be obvious that reaction comprised as a rule of a photograph operation where the president arrived in Puerto Rico for the evening and burned through 10 minutes heaving paper towels into a horde of frantic U.S. subjects.

Later in the week, his hunger for Twitter dramatization not yet satisfied, the president willed 3,000 individuals back to life by guaranteeing that "3,000 individuals did not kick the bucket" in the debacle. I'm certain the perished will be excited to hear it. Moreover, he faulted the commotion over the passings of 3,000 U.S. citiznes - deserted by their legislature and compelled to battle for themselves in the wake of a memorable tempest without new water, control or other essential foundation - on his Democratic adversaries.

I'm not precisely beyond any doubt how President Trump considers fabricating 3,000 dead individuals when they can't get Joe Manchin, the representative from West Virginia, to focus on a no vote on Kavanaugh, however rationale left this place long back.

The president's politicization of the tropical storm casualties fills in so far another in an unending series of updates that we are being administered by a human diaper fire.

The general population of Puerto Rico merited better at that point and they merit better at this point. Lamentably, help under this president isn't coming at any point in the near future.

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